Tips and Steps for Cleaning and Sandstone Repolishing

Sandstone is very porous and soft and therefore highly prone to staining, getting dirty faster than usual. It requires frequent maintenance services like stain removal, repolishing, etc.

Regular Cleaning of Sandstone and sandstone re-polishing


  • Vacuum the surface to remove any present dirt.
  • Use a damp cloth or mop with dense microfiber and avoid chemicals.
  • Companies that offer sandstone stain removal services use honing and texturing and thereby, making the cleaning job easier.
  • A bit of pressure would be required to remove stains completely.
  • Using natural pH would ensure that spills, stains and stubborn marks are cleared effortlessly.
  • Always rinse the surface and never leave it to dry naturally.
  • Use an old towel or cloth to free it from excess water present on the surface.


Intensive Sandstone cleaning process

Intensive cleaning, sandstone repolishing and availing sandstone stain removal services become important when the stone is very dirty and the user has ignored cleaning for a long time.


  • Vacuum the surface first to remove loose dust and dirt.
  • Now, scrub small areas with stone cleaner solutions, especially formulated for this material.
  • Use a soft broom or brush to work the solution into the pores and continue until the entire area is scrubbed.
  • Leave the solution for a few minutes and then scrub it once again.
  • Once the dirt is lifted, clean the area using an old towel or dry mop.
  • Now use some water to rinse off the dirt and then dry it.

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